Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Knitting for Peace review

Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time written by Betty Christiansen


Knitting for Peace is an exceptional book that celebrates the long heritage of knitting for others. It tells the stories of 28 contemporary knitting-for-peace endeavors, and features patterns for easy-to-knit charity projects such as hats, socks, blankets, and bears, plus a messenger bag emblazoned with the Knitting for Peace logo. Enlivened by anecdotal sidebars and quotations from both knitters and peacemakers, this inspiring book also includes everything readers need to know to start their own knitting-for-peace groups.

My Review:

When I was presented with the opportunity to review Knitting for Peace by the publisher I was ecstatic.  After all, how appropriate that I review a book celebrating knitting for charities during my "40 in 40" challenge.  I didn't know what to expect other than the description above when I agreed, but what I found really surprised me.

It isn't often that you really get to know and understand the passion and heart behind the creator of a charity organization.  I was blessed to have been able to meet and talk with Danette LeMaster, founder of God's Tiny Angels, several times in the years that I have been contributing to her organization.  This book gives you that same feeling of connection to a cause by introducing the hearts behind the organization.

The organizations are split into five chapters: Peace and War, Peace on Earth, Peace at Home, Peace for Kids and Knit for Peace.  Each chapter includes several organizations; some you may have heard of, many you probably have not.  Not only are we presented with an overview of the organization, but contact information for each is included as well as many patterns for items you can contribute to the cause.  With such a diversity it is almost a guarantee that one of them will touch your heart and prompt you to contribute.  

At only $9.99 for the Kindle edition at the time of this posting, and often you can find it used on Amazon for less, this is a great book to add to your library.  

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Football hat

In my search for some cute hats to make for the boys I kept coming across hats designed to look like balls - especially a football.  I found a free one and gave it a go only to have it turn out oddly shaped and WAAYYYY to big despite being a "newborn" size.  So I again decided to play around and this is what I came up with.  It received Mr. Sunflowers seal of approval as well as the mini sunflowers.

You will need:
Crochet Hook, Size I, 5.5mm
Red Heart With Love, Chocolate
Red Heart With Love, White

start with a magic ring,

r1 - ch 2 (does not count as a dc in the pattern),  12 dc in ring.  pull tight.  join to first dc

r 2 - ch 2, work 2 dc in each stitch around.  join to first dc.  (24 dc)

r3 - ch 2, *2dc in stitch, dc in next stitch repeat from * around.  join white yarn, join to first dc (36)
 * I do not cut the brown yarn, rather I work the first dc of the next row around the tail and let it hang.  When I begin r5 I just pick it up again.  less ends to weave in ;)

r4 - ch 2, dc in each stitch, join brown yarn, join to first dc.  cut white yarn (36)

r5-9 - ch 2, dc in each stitch around, join to first dc (36)  at the end of round 9 join white yarn

r10 - ch 2, dc in each stitch around, pick up brown and join to first dc.  cut white yarn (36)

r11 - ch 2, hdc in each stitch around, join to first hdc (36)

r12 - ch 1, sc in each stitch around, join to first sc. fasten off and weave in all ends

to make the lacing:
with white chain 7 leaving a long tail at the end.  position chain in the large brown section between the white rounds vertically.  use the tail to secure the chain to the hat and to sew 3 bar lines across.  weave in ends.

Until next time,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Princess Crown

Almost 2 years ago I created this cute little tiara designed by Sarah of Sarah Sweethearts as a last minute gift for my princess when she turned 4.

This year, when a family friend's daughter had her princess birthday party, I knew just what to make!  I love that it works with any headband, allowing me to pick one that doesn't SQUEEZE the head to tightly.  I also like that it is flexible.  My princess has a habit of being a bit rough on her tiaras and they inevitably end up in pieces.  Short of taking scissors to this one or pulling it off of the headband, this one lasts for a LONG time.  Using size 3 thread gives it just the right amount of stiffness.  I decided to give this tiara a little glitter by adding Enchant Yarn in King's Crown.

The best part.....it takes less than 30 minutes to create!  You can get the pattern from Sarah's Ravelry store here.

Until next time,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

40 in 40 (2014) week 3

Lot's of cute patterns this week, including one that I created accidentally in an attempt to modify another.  Let's get started!

First is this cutie from Alice and the Mock Turtle called the Itty Bitty Bow Beanie.  I love the cute little bow on it.  This example worked in grey and purple Simply Soft yarn  looks so sophisticated in my opinion. Super simple to work up.

Next is the Sweet Striped Crochet Hat from Tamara Kelley.  It is available in sizes infant to adult.  It can easily be made for a boy or a girl and since it uses a size I hook and worsted weight yarn it is a quick project.  It has an interesting pattern as you can see:

But the joins make that part look a bit sloppy.  Of course, that could just be me.....

Then there is the Newborn Baby Girl Hat designed by Tanya Lapatsina available as a free Ravelry download.  

As you can see, this is a bit small for a newborn hat, but would probably fit a preemie.  I really like the leaf design on the hat, but stretched like this to fit a newborn head it just seems to be oddly sized.  If I make it again I would add another 6-8 stitches to the foundation row and a few more rounds to add some height.  

Then I tried to work a pattern in the round that was written to be worked flat.  Had some trouble with it and ended up just doing my own thing, which led to the Unisex Reversible Baby Hat pattern.  I'll give the original pattern another try next week....

It's available in multiple sizes from small preemie to 12 months.

Then I made the Camilla Babe Hat designed by Cathy Payson.  I cast on 51 stitches to give me a newborn size and adjusted the pattern repeats.  I worked in the pattern until the hat was about 4.25 inches and then began the decreases.  I love the Patons Beehive Baby Sport yarn I used in this pattern.  It is so and light!

And the final hat this week, the Textured Baby Hat from Sarah Al-Amri.  Also available as a free Ravelry Download.  I chose to work it in 2 colors.  This one is my husband's favorite hat so far.  

And that's it for this week.  Still looking for some cute boy patterns....

 Until next time,
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